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Attend a Climate Forum

Traning, Employment and Innovation and Climate Change in Staffordshire

  • Taking action on climate change has the potential to create many jobs in the UK with the Green New Deal UK estimating the number to be as high as 39,000 in the West Midlands alone

  • The Confederation of British Industry highlights the need to upskill and educate the workforce to enable a green transition to occur

How do the forums work?

Panel Presentation:

  • At the start of each forum a range of local people with knowledge and experience on the forum topic will provide a brief overview of the topic, how it relates to decarbonisation and some examples of how this could be achieved​

Public Discussion:


  • Following the contribution from the panel members of the public will be given time to discuss what they have heard and address three crucial areas 

    • What are the key issues which need to tackled in Staffordshire? ​

    • What are the solutions to these issues?

    • What recommendations do you have to address these issues and create positive solutions locally?

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