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Attend a Climate Forum

Travel and Climate Change in Staffordshire

  • 27% of the UKs emissions come from transport, bigger than any other sector

  • The emissions from transport have not declined much in the last 10 years 

  • To reach net zero, more ambitious policies and commitments are needed

How do the forums work?

Panel Presentation:

  • At the start of each forum a range of local people with knowledge and experience on the forum topic will provide a brief overview of the topic, how it relates to decarbonisation and some examples of how this could be achieved​

Public Discussion:


  • Following the contribution from the panel members of the public will be given time to discuss what they have heard and address three crucial areas 

    • What are the key issues which need to tackled in Staffordshire? ​

    • What are the solutions to these issues?

    • What recommendations do you have to address these issues and create positive solutions locally?

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